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Tryout 2017 - Competitive Teams

U6-U12: For NEW players and developmental academy fall program players wanting to be on a competitive team for the 2017 - 2018 season

U13 and older: For ALL players wanting to be on a competitive team for the 2017-2018 season

2017 - U.S. Soccer Development Academy Registration

For new non LMSC girls Born in 2000-2004 interested in U.S. Soccer Development Academy Teams

U5-U12 Junior Fall League Academy

To continue the growth of soccer development LMSC is providing a Junior Fall League Academy for those who have an interest in developing and mastering their fundamental skills in a fun learning environment.
This Program offers a new choice for youth soccer in the spirit of traditional recreational programs. By implementing the recreational program and providing a curriculum, we have the opportunity to directly influence player development while creating a fun and positive experience, fostering enthusiasm and long term passion for the game.
The Junior Fall League Academy is the Preliminary Phase (Stage 1: Ball Mastery). The goals for this phase are improved motor skill, improved basic technical skill, and an appreciation for what the game is about. The program runs 11 Weeks, 4 Days starting the last week in August through the second week in November.

Competitive Teams 2017-2018

USSDA 2017

U.S. Soccer Development Academy

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Our Mission
 LMSC Mission Statement

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Possession Soccer
Phases of Player Development

To bring out the very best in competitive youth soccer by:
a. Playing attractive, skillful, high level, possession soccer - that is fun to play and enjoyable to watch.
b. Helping to develop the player as a person - by building character and learning life skills. 

LMSC, as a youth soccer club, has a special responsibility to our players, the community of Lamorinda, and the sport of soccer to: - provide a soccer training and playing environment in which players a) receive a positive experience, b) develop and exercise the habits of good character (instrumental, social, and moral character), and c) learn to play fluid, creative, imaginative, high-level possession soccer.

LMSC Vision

LMSC has a deeply-held conviction and commitment to teaching high-quality possession soccer.  Our vision is to achieve a level of play in all of our competitive age-group teams that sets the benchmark and earns our teams the reputation for this style-of-play locally (Northern California), regionally (West Coast), and Nationally (USA)

LMSC Values

The LMSC Technical Development Program is player-focused.  It is not a program where coaches build their reputations at the expense of player development. The game belongs to children who play it.  It’s their game, and players should think for themselves to solve soccer situations rather than being instructed by parents from the sidelines.  The Technical Development Program is designed to provide players with a level of preparation, training, practice, and competition (based on players’ ability in each team) that will enthuse, challenge, and motivate them to further improvement and to a lifelong involvement in soccer.
Skill and character will be developed through quality training, sportsmanship, and team spirit. Teamwork, hard work, fair play, enjoyment, friendships, and creating a safe environment are some of the priorities of our club and its player development program.

* LMSC competitive team culture is one of passing the ball between teammates as the basis of tactical play on offense – i.e., a series of short-range passes between players to avoid challenges to the ball and to advance it towards our opponent’s goal area.